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Jade Room therapists are professionally qualified and insured, as well as authentically trained in the methodologies we offer

The methodologies we offer include: Lomi Lomi, An Mo, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic and Hot Stone Massage. We also offer Holistic Human Development and Counselling, Meditation Therapy, and Corporate Stress Management.

Jade Room holds full membership and accreditation with professional associations such as IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists), IMTTA (International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association) and AITT (Australian Institute of Tantra Teaching) .

Whether you choose Jade Room for an indulgent, “just because” massage, ongoing counselling to help you work through emotional issues, or to rejuvenate at both a physical and soul level through one of our retreats – Jade Room is sure to leave you feeling so good you can’t help but hug us as you leave!

Marley, Jade Room Founder

“Sometimes in life, if you’re sublimely lucky, you find yourself in a moment that changes everything.”

Those moments can be something that is seemingly small or insignificant, but the realisation it sparks in you, sets into motion an awakening that becomes the most important thing to ever happen to you in life. All of a sudden everything is possible.

This is what happened to me.

These days, I say that this happened FOR me, not TO me.

Hi, I’m Marley – Jade Room Founder

For me, my moment was a line in a book that could have easily been passed over.

Instead, it sparked an interest for me in Tantra.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I thought the same. There is a common misconception about what Tantra actually is, what it involves and how it can be applied to your everyday life (even to your food), and to your relationships.

All of your relationships, not just those romantic in nature, but those with your family, your friends, your work colleagues. This can even help in your parenting!

It was all about connection, and presence.

About balance and healing, and it made me instantly realise that, had I known about this concept before, so many things could have been different in my life, especially in the major relationships in my life.
But, I’m a firm believer that things happen, or we stumble across that simple line in a book, at exactly the perfect time that we need to.

I wasn’t looking for a transformation. I wasn’t spiritual, I mostly thought of anything holistic as “woo woo”. I was through and through climbing the corporate ladder!

So, from this simple line in a book, I became obsessed.

I dove into everything I could learn about Tantra, which led me on a journey that I’d waited my whole life to begin.

On this journey, I studied formally to become a Tantra Practitioner, I learned various healing modalities and massage styles, and I carried a yearning desire to change stigmas and perceptions, which has led to my counselling, retreat and education services.

Suddenly my soul mission was to spread the knowledge that ANYTHING is possible in life.

That everything in life comes back to being in balance.

There was no other option in life for me, except to do this. 

Jade Room is about this balance.
This presence.

Without a doubt, I knew that to help others realise that they have the capacity to change their lives and connections, balance and openness was the way to do that. Once that happens within one’s self, it impacts
every area of your life.

My ultimate vision for Jade Room is to create a holistic hub where every man and woman is welcome.

It’s not about me, or about climbing the corporate ladder anymore. It’s about balance and peace. About creating a space where we can be wholeheartedly present, and you can too.
About a place where we are genuinely helping others, from our hearts to yours.

Where people enter our rooms in pain, needing help to even get up on the massage table and leave with a smile and a renewed energy – sometimes even laughing and dancing out of the clinic.

Where a 79 year old lady whose husband has passed a few years earlier, who hasn’t been touched in years, other than being prodded by nursing staff, cries tears of joy and release because she had been craving human touch.

Where our clients feel so transcendent after a massage that they, literally, almost walk in front of a car as they leave! (True story! Thankfully everyone was ok! The driver of the car even became a regular client since she just had to try the massage that had that kind of effect!)

Where couples who have been together for years and years, couples looking to commemorate a special anniversary, or couples who may be on the brink of separation, can find a way to deepen or reconnect their hearts through retreats we facilitate.

Where women who are looking for a shift, for transformation, for letting go of what is no longer serving them and who are ready to take responsibility for their own happiness, can join one of our Women’s Retreats and make a conscious choice to simply BE, rather than DO.

Where Eastern and Western beliefs and practices weave together to help people find their harmony.  

We believe in creating an inspired life, and inspiring others.

We believe in sharing a world where authenticity, integrity and love are law.

We believe in respecting nature and the beauty that surrounds us.

We believe in wholehearted presence, no matter where we are.

We believe in giving back.

We believe in living a life that is graceful, courageous and in balance.

We believe in resounding compassion – for ourselves and for all living beings.

That’s what you find at Jade Room.

We are a small business, with a purpose to bring presence and balance into the world.
Collectively, we all create this reality. Jade Room is my contribution.

I want Jade Room to become that life changing moment that you just stumble upon.
Let Jade Room be your line in a book.

Much love,
Marley x