Counselling & Coaching

Reconnect with the ones you love

Counselling Services:

We all at times need some extra support in our lives.

Through our gentle, compassionate, and honest counselling services, we help men, women and couples to heal from trauma, work through societal or childhood issues, improve communication and connection and grow in confidence, strength and courage.

Reconnect Your Relationship
and Resolve Conflicts

Counselling Services

Conflict Resolution
Child Development and Effective Parenting
Grief and Loss
Family Counselling

Coaching and Education

Healing, connection, and learning doesn’t end once you leave our clinics.

We want you to be able to incorporate mindfulness, rebalance masculine and feminine energies, and incorporate techniques such as traditional and authentic breathwork and grounding into your everyday life long after you leave our sessions.

Our Coaching Programs Include

  • Mindfulness-Based coaching, workshops and education for men, women, groups and couples.
  • Ho’oponopono Coaching, an ancient Hawaiian practice (also known as The Forgiveness Process) that incorporates 4 key phrases:  I’m sorry – I forgive you – Thank you – I love you!  All can be attached to a variety of beliefs, habits, actions, memories and emotions.
  • Conscious Connection and Real Relating coaching for men, women and couples.

Jade Room coaching is offered to individuals or couples in 2 hour sessions or in a package of 3 sessions.

A conscious connection session takes you on a journey through the foundation teachings of Tantric practices, helping to connect to your partner in a profound and beautiful way, building intimacy, closeness and enhancing connection in your relationship.

In a safe coaching environment, you will learn breathing & grounding, all about embracing the Love Muscle, womb meditations, Jade Egg practices, how to extend love-making, Yab Yum, balancing masculine/feminine energies, opening the heart centre to sacred love, conscious touch, massage techniques & more.


(All sessions are strictly professional and non-sexual).