Nurturing your Mind, Body & Soul

More than your standard Masseuse!

Jade Room offers a range of massage treatments and therapy styles, quite unique to our slice of heaven in the Southern Great Barrier Reef of Queensland.

Relax, rejuvenate, heal deep tissue and sporting injuries, or increase your connection with your partner through the below offerings.

Hawaiian Healing Lomi Lomi Massage.

30, 60 or 90 minutes available

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian style of massage that brings deep healing and relaxation to the whole body – a complete full body massage – from head to toes. This form of Lomi Lomi is a dance. A meditation that allows you to relax due to the hypnotic effect of continuous flowing strokes, bringing the mind to a place of absolute stillness. Through its rhythmic strokes, it activates meridians, energy points, releases energetic blocks and allows the body’s own healing processes to take over, through working gently and deeply into the muscles. Experience the perfect balance of therapeutic massage with full body coconut bliss and pure relaxation.

A massage like no other you’ve experienced before, Lomi Lomi aids in relieving physical pain and emotional distress and will leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised.

The translation of Lomi Lomi is ‘to knead’ (like cat’s paws) and that is exactly what this massage technique offers as it combines lymphatic drainage, soft and deep tissue massage and energy balancing via rhythmic arm, elbow and hand movements over the body with no discomfort.

Our Kala Flow massage follows the ancient Kahuna principle of limitless living to relieve tired muscles after a long day and is profoundly relaxing and invigorating. Not only does massage make your body, mind and soul feel great, it also helps break down the lactic acid build-up in your muscles, increases circulation and helps muscles repair. This massage combines long flowing strokes with deep tissue massage to leave you in a state of deep relaxation and regeneration.

Deep Tissue Massage

This style of massage focuses on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue. It aims to release the tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on areas affected by sporting or occupational activities, chronic tight tissue, injury rehabilitation, strains and tears of muscle,
fatigue or lactic acid building up in muscles, chronic muscular pain, pre-race preparation or post competition recovery.

Intuitive Massage

Intuitive massage is a therapeutic process that encourages self-discovery and wellness.  This type of therapy incorporates hands on therapeutic massage techniques, as well as hot/cold stones and dry body brushing to restore or balance the flow of energy within the body.

Traditional White Tigress Spa Treatment

A sacred massage to totally nurture and nourish you – body, mind and soul. Long flowing strokes stimulate the senses, balance, calm, awaken and restore the body, and ease day to day anxiety and stress. Package includes: grounding practices for calming and clarity of mind; breathing techniques for relaxation and vitality; 90 minute full body massage; chakra balancing; hot towel treatment; organic chocolate and tea.

Corporate Wellbeing and In-Office Massage

With more than 20 years in the Human Resources industry, we offer corporate massage packages tailored to your business needs.

Massage relieves stress, pain and tension, and can boost morale & productivity, improve employee retention & give your business a point of difference when recruiting in a tight talent pool.

We offer In-office chair or table massage using a variety of techniques guaranteed to relax your team with minimum impact to workflow.

As a qualified Event Manager, I also offer conference, event, promo, team, tradeshow and retreat packages anywhere in Central Queensland.

Couples Massage 

Jade Room embraces Manawa (the 4th principle of Huna Philosophy), or put simply, the power of ‘now’, of being present in this moment, in all of our practices, but particularly in our couples massage menu.
We know that quality time spent together is so important to your relationship, and our massages are designed to relieve emotional and physical stress and tension, using pure essential oils and rhythmic flowing massage techniques to enhance your connection with your special someone.
Pamper yourself in paradise and let the worries of the outside world drift away, and come back to NOW, as we bring
spa-quality couple’s massage to you
* Available in our Agnes Water clinic only
* Includes bonus gift
* Ask about our Couple’s Retreats, bridal packages &
  other services

Extra Services

Reflexology Massage, Chakra balancing and Reiki

Ionic Detox Foot Spa

Herbal Foot Spa

Infrared Sauna treatment

Advanced Intuitive massage

Hot and cold stone massage

Seniors massage

Pregnancy massage

Alchemist massage (using steamed herbal compresses)

Couples Massage lessons

Bespoke private women’s and couple’s retreats

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